Into The Rabbit Hole

Ignorance is a precursor to chaos, and is an essential part of any externalized control mechanism whether it be A.I or the Draconian Tyranny we have on Earth under the guise of many names; Democracy, Monarchies and Corporate Governments.


I decided to create a completely new subdivision on my website.
Reason is that I feel it’s necessary to do so, and help raise consciousness on the planet.
I want to stress out that I don’t want to pretend to be Mr. Know it all ! I am a SEEKER OF TRUTH !
We are ( whether you believe it or not ) in a planetary shift. ( paradigm shift )
There is a LOT going on, and the next coming years (also in the nearby future ) we’ll see HUGE changes in our world.

I also believe that we our powerful beings / co-creators, and can influence the outcome of the world we would like to see and live in, and I will also provide links to websites that can help you provide to do so.

Mainstream media, that is handled by the powers that be (where), are only telling you what they want you to believe. They are masters in wiggling you to sleep.
Soccer and sports in general, movies, tell-a-vision in combination with mind control, advertising etc… are all set up to put you in a sheeple trance.

What I will not be doing is start blogging about the different subjects, but instead ( tmho ) deliver interesting links to what I believe are sites you need to check out in order to become conscious of what is really going on. (Awaken)
I must warn you tho, the ‘truth’ picture isn’t a nice one, and many people will rather stick their head in the sand and refuse their world they think it is, being trashed.
So basically the idea is that ( if your interested and are a truth seeker ) you go and check out the site’s mentioned below, and start doing your own research.


“The World is full of Kings and Queens, who blind your eyes and steel your dreams”.



How you think, how you feel and how you act matters far more than you may realize.

You are not just living in a bubble, watching some grand magic show that you are disconnected from.

We are active participants in a shared, co-creative reality.

There is abundant scientific proof that this is how the universe really works.

That data has been widely and ruthlessly suppressed.

BUCKLE UP and start exploring ! 🙂

The truth is far, far stranger than fiction…but ALWAYS use descernment !



VARIOUS TRUTH SEEKERS    —->    —–> Watch Mark Passio’s vids on youtube about NATURAL LAW !!!







( watch ‘ Run from the Cure ‘ ) —>     —–> ( )




—–> Knowledge seekers for KIDS !



http://how-they-want-to-kill-us/depopulation agenda


The Universe is designed to honor free will, which is the highest Principle in Natural Law or the Law of One.
In other words, any external force, which seeks to control us can only do so if we willingly let them. And when we remain ignorant and un-mastered, when we never seek to discern, we leave ourselves open for manipulation and control in many forms.