When and where to place your canisters


It happens every time when I’ve put my canisters into place.
When going back after some time to check out if the canisters  are still in place, I found out that 50% of them are gone.
Most of the time they are taken away by people who find them, and out of curiosity rip them from there place to check out what they are.
So one time when I was placing my canisters, I noticed that people who see what you are doing, go check out what is was you where doing after your gone. Just like that, out of curiosity.

So after discovering this, I made sure that I was not seen by people when I was placing my canisters.
A good plan is to do this early in the morning, at night, or in the early evening.
There are far less people around that time of the day.
Disadvantage is that you have to plan out beforehand how the path of the sun is traveling through the landscape your are wanting to photograph.
Takes a bit more time and planning, but it’s the only way to avoid your canisters been stolen.

It isn’t always that easy, cause I like to make images from street views on a lower point of view level.
This means that it is more difficult to not been noticed by people.
So, now I go out at night to place the canisters.
This seems to work, cause so far all the canisters I’ve placed are still in place.

Another thing to pay attention to, is to try to hide your canisters.
Could be on a higher place, behind a traffic sign, underneath some plant(s), in a nich, etc…

All these little precautions make sure your valuable canisters are kept from being stolen.

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