Meet me

My grandfather was a photographer.
My father was / is a photographer.
So it’s obvious it’s in my genes too.
I love to photograph.
Photography is my passion.
From landscapes to still-life. People to interiors.
My addiction is food.
Preparing, styling it, cooking, eating and shooting it.
All this in the most fun way possible.
Life is about having fun.
That’s all there is to it…

 Luc Thibau was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. The land of a hundreds of beers, delicious chocolates, and delectable  foods.

As a child I was soaked into photography. I still remember the darkroom of my father, me hanging on the wet part table where the 3 baths with developer, stopper and fixer where set. I could watch the image miraculously appearing on the paper. The smell of the chemicals in combination with my fathers sigarette,  the light ( in the darkroom! ) of the coal stove that warmed up the place. I was full of awe, of the miracle taking place.

Already then I sensed I wanted to perform the same magic.

I went to photography school at SISA in Antwerp. My professional career started in the 1980, first working as an assistant for 10 years in the same company my father did, and then making a change and founding my own company. A successful studio was build, where business was soon flourishing with satisfied customers.

For 25 years now I have LOVED and enjoyed making a living as a professional photographer specializing in commercial advertising in industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, special effects, metal fabrication, and food and beverage. In my spare time I found pleasure capturing panoramic landscapes and experimenting with exciting photographic techniques.

After a productive and fruitful period of more then 25 years, at one point I wondered and asked myself this question :

“What would I LOVE to do tomorrow if I didn’t get paid” ?

What I didn’t realize was that many times before, I was shooting landscapes while going on walks, trips, holidays, etc… and even was experimenting with the most basic way of photography called solargraphy or originally solarigrafia.

It was then I realized I found a new purpose, Landscape Photography. Nature was calling, and made me feel much more connected and alive. I cannot exactly describe the feeling, but it’s a kind of happiness energy ( electric aliveness ) that you feel is streaming through you. I guess some call it connected with God, Source Energy, or whatever. It’s not that that wasn’t the case before, the difference was that I became aware of it.

So this brings me here and now. I was always used to bring out the best of me to express what others wanted. It is now my quest to bring out the best of the artist in me, for myself and for others.

I have set my goal to always improve this new endeavor. This includes a unique added value of the photographer’s personality, decades of experience, lightning expertise and post production techniques.

My eagerness and never ending interest to keep exploring, and to integrate the best things that both analogue and digital photography has to offer, keeps my enthusiasm alive.

Two of my photographs where featured at Top Google+ photos edited by CEO Jarek Klimak and a 3rd was hand picked editors choice by Jarek to be published immediately as Top best photos of 6th Februari 2013. I am still thrilled to see my featured photos on there list.

I also LOVE traveling, snow skiing, salsa and tango dancing. Food and Cooking it is something I absolutely LOVE to do while having people into my home regularly for sumptuous meals, fun, and laughter.

Cheers !