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Public notice of change

22) For any printed consent form, presented for agreement, from any corporate business or outlet, which allows me to access the internet through their system – TAKE NOTICE!

If I am “compelled” to push an agree button to access the internet, I am only  agreeing to give very limited consent in order to gain immediate access the internet through a secondary party, but I AM NOT consenting to and/or agreeing to give up any rights and authority, (already listed here) which I always hold in reserve.

To give up and/or surrender any reserved rights and authority would require a fully negotiated, face to face, CONTRACT OF CONSENT in order to be considered valid consent.

Special Notice to: Apple, Google, Yahoo, Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and others – By asking for my agreement online, without face to face negotiations YOU are agreeing that NO CONTRACT has ever in fact been made between my real living being, my on-line persona (whatever that “name” happens to be at the moment) and your Corporation, Company or Group!

You further agree that the pressing of a consent button is NOT a negotiation, but in fact is a broom being used to sweep away all nonsensical words which have no bearing on a living and breathing human being which can not communicate logically with a machine and therefore can NOT negotiate with  it.

In the absence of such face to face negotiations, (human being to human being) any such assumed/presumed consent will be considered INVALID BY ME, and gained through criminal deception, and/or trickery and will immediately bring the deceiver under this comprehensive Notice of Contract.

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Born In Antwerp

I love challenges, and excepted my friends  ( Carolina Tafalla ) request to shoot a short movie on her art guerrilla ” It’s a trap” Born in Antwerp event. I got a blanco check, and was free to do what I pleased. So I let myself go under the balls…

Feature shot with a GoPro 3 and edited in Final Cut Pro. Music ( Thank you for the free 7 day trial ! )

Cinematography and editing is your truly. Check it out !

is a dynamic installation that disrupts the running day-to-day activities of the location where it is hosted.
16,000 colored balls kicked off this site project that rolls from location to location asking the accidental or active participation of the residents and visitors to the site.
IT’S A TRAP visits Born in Antwerp !
Keep rolling with this ” art guerrilla “, and make these balls rock & roll: take pictures, make videos, sketches, write, draw on/about them, play along and decide their destiny.
Patriciapate via instagram, facebook, twitter, ‪#‎borninantwerp‬ #‎trapguerrilla‬ ‪#‎keeprolling‬ #‎dontgrowup‬
IT’S A TRAP is an original project by

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 13.54.36

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Huge Art Prints for Cliënts Office

Recently I was honored to deliver 2 huge prints ( 150cm x 100cm ) again for a happy cliënt.
His office is brand new, and now shining with my work on the walls. Every time I feel eternally grateful to be able to share my hearts passion with people who feel a connection with the images.

I truly believe it’s a heart connection… and feeling blessed to be able to do so is an understatement.

Check it out ! 😉


The cliënt chose this work particular for it’s colors. They match perfectly the office’s interiors.



Here’s another angle from the entrance.



CEO’s personal office…



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How the Dakota looked

I’ve found a picture of the famous U.S Navy airplane C-47 Skytrain, also known as” Dakota” that is taken right after the plane has crashed. It is said that the captain of the plane had to make an emergency landing on Sólheimasandur’s black sandy beach in the south of Iceland.

The crew survived the landing and the remains of the plane are still at the exact same place where it crashed.

Dakota I
Photogrpaher unknown


This is how the Dakota looks like these days.
Years of harsh Icelandic weather have wiped out every paint detail, and engines as well as inside stuff have been taken out either by the U.S at that time, or trophy hunting tourists…


The black sand beach gives the wreckage a very eery and dramatic look, and seems to come right out of a apocaliptic movie. Not so long ago the owners of the beach closed the access to the plane, cause tourists where off track driving and ruining the beach.

Hopefully a solution can be found for this and many other beautiful places in Iceland to protect these extraordinary sites.

GPS  coordinates: 63.459523,-19.364618


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Climbing Ice in Iceland

Just HAD to share this with you…just WOW !

Death-defying adventure, stunning landscapes, and rarely-documented feats of physical endurance and skill. Watch photographer Tim Kemple and master climbers scale the frigid crags of Iceland.

Enjoy !



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How to speed up your slow Mac

Ever ran into the fact that your Mac is getting slower and slower after a while ?
Join the club…

What exactly is slowing it down? Caches, logs, apps, widgets, language packs, plugins, hidden trashes, and large files…

Just recently I had to work around this issue for my iMac that I bought, now about 4 years ago. I have an iMac 27 inch, with 3,4 Ghz Core 7 processors and 8GB 1333 Mhz DDR3 memory.
There is so much misinformation out there, that I thought it would be a good idea to share some good info I’ve found.

Many people don’t know how to perform routine maintenance on their Macintosh computer. And many unnecessary software is sold to provide you a so called solution for your Mac. But nothing could be further from the truth. You have ” almost ” all you need already installed on your Mac.
Many software out there will cause more harm then good. Period.

BUT, I found this very good site, that gives a lot of free plain and simple advice on how to run maintenance on your beloved Mac.

Check it out :

So here’s what i did to work around my slow iMac buddy.

If you want the most bang for your buck, cleaning your hard drive is by far the best and easiest way to speed up your Mac.

There is this software called ” clean my mac “… and it’s ( well almost… ) free !

Download the latest version, and run the ” Smart Cleanup “. I got rid of more then 3GB of junk on my drive !

Next open up ” Disk Utility “. Applications —->Utililties —->Disk Utility


Slow operation and generally unusual behavior are signs that may indicate that permissions need to be repaired on your Macintosh’s hard drive. To do so you can run Repair Disk Permissions from within Disk Utility

Ones Disk Utility is open you need to select the drive you want to have repaired.

ALWAYS choose the 2nd icon ! ( see red arrow on top of picture )

Next click ” Repair Disk Permissions “. ( see red arrow on bottom of picture ) This typically will take 5 minutes to perform.

Disk Utility

Next you need to do a ” Repair Disk ” ! Here you need to click on the 1st icon ( see red arrow on picture ) and then click on the Repair Disk button.
( see red arrow on bottom of picture)

Disk Utility II

Ok, almost done !

Next you will need to download a completely free safe software to defragmentise your disk.

If you use spinning disks, you’ll have noticed that over time it takes longer and longer to access your files, to start your applications and even to start your machine.

This is an unavoidable consequence of the way hard disks work. It can be made better or worse by the design of the filesystem (and, actually, in this respect your Mac’s filesystem, HFS+, is one of the best), but in the long run there’s really no way to avoid this effect.

The cause of this slow-down is fragmentation, and when it happens, you need to defragment.

In lay men’s terms it basically means that your laser eye needs to gather all the info it needs in order to do anything you ask it for, to go and look for it all over the place, aka read Hard Drive ! This means that it takes a lot of time, and thus slows down your Mac. More and good info about defragmentation on this website :

Here you can find a really good tool to safely defragmentise your Mac :

Defragment copy

Select the drive you want to have defragmentized ( your HD main drive ) and let it run the process. This will take some time !

For older Mac’s and software systems you can find the right defragment software overhere :

After this your Mac should be resarted and up and running like a sprinter ! At least it worked like charm with mine !

Hope this post will help you with your slow Mac ! 🙂

All the best !

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Chromatic Aberration

How to deal with chromatic aberration ?

One of the most common mistakes landscape photographers make, is forgetting ( somewhere in the editing process ) to deal with chromatic aberration, also called color or purple fringing. It’s a common optical problem that occurs when a lens is either unable to bring all wavelengths of color to the same focal plane, and/or when wavelengths of color are focused at different positions in the focal plane.
Pfeww, that sounded techy no ?

Now, I’m not going to dive into the technical specifics, wikipedia is way better in that then I am !
But basically it boils down to the fact that it occurs in transition aria’s between really bright and dark aria’s. Edges of objects in your picture show a red, blue or green color fringe, but at least in my experience it most often appears as a purple fringe.

But I’ll briefly show by means of example images what it is, and how to deal with it. I’m also going to show you a way how to bring CA correction into your editing workflow and how to remove it from your images.
There is one thing that is of most importance and that is that you shoot in RAW ! This will give you full option on controlling your data in preparation before the actual editing. Either with HDR workflow or not. If you don’t remove chromatic aberration from the RAW data even when you practice an HDR workflow, the problem will get worse / more visible in the editing process !

Before you even start thinking about editing your images, it is best practice to first start with getting rid of CA !

So, if you open up photoshop bridge and your images are imported, double click on the raw data image and it’ll open in Camera Raw that is included in the photoshop package.

Photoshop Bridge


Camera Raw, a RAW converter is openend.  It is also possible to do RAW converting in Lightroom or a more advanced software called Capture One. But that’s for another post…
Next you want to click on the lens correction filter. Camera RAW will automatically recognize the lens you’ve used ( at least the most common ones ) and will deal very effectively with any lens-related problems.


Camera RAW


Next you click on the “Color” button map, and also click on the “remove chromatic aberration” square. Camera RAW will do mostly a very good job in removing the color fringing.


Lens correction-color

Here you can see a before


Before CA correction

And after correction


After CA correction


Ones the chromatic aberration is corrected click save image, and camera raw raw will develop your tweaked RAW data into a TIFF file.
Best is to go for a 16bit with an sRGB color profile. If you use a HDR app, it are THESE files to use to import into it in order to create the final HDR picture.
It can happen sometimes that the chromatic aberration correction doesn’t do a proper job. You can then by hand and eye deal with the correction with the “defringe sliders”, but that would make this post too long. I will handle that later in a “how to” vid tutorial.
Hopefully you’ll be good on your way with this very important correction, that so often is overlooked and not understood.

In case you have any question, feel free to drop a line and shoot !
Happy to help, if I can !


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How to suck at photography

I’l give you 5 reasons… 😉

5 reasons










It’s sickening to realize how our society has become today. Due to some loony philosophy, for some reason we’ve moved into a culture where as failure can no longer be an option. How can success be an option if one doesn’t have the right to fail? Aren’t these two related ? You probably heard about Edison’s story right ? How many times did he fail before he succeeded in making the light bulb ?
Edison’s quote : “I didn’t fail a 1000 times. The making of the light bulb was an invention that took a 1000 steps”.
Great success is build on failure, frustration, sometimes even on fiasco.

Ok, fair enough. It’s not in most peoples wanting list to fail, but the way our society’s success recipe is served today to us, you’ll be so afraid of failure that you won’t have the bravery to put yourself out there and take the necessary risks to become successful. The internet and all the social media have a great part in setting this absurd mindset as a standard. Of course our failures are much more into the open due to the fact our work and business are on the net.

I too failed many times. Last year I was planning to set up an Iceland tour in combination with workshops, but due to several personal conditions and ( family ) circumstances, I wasn’t able to pull it off that time. But I’m working hard behind the scenes to launch it again. I’m just waiting for the right timing now, and won’t be afraid to fail again. ( even multiple times ) After all failure is an opportunity to grow and learn.



LearningOk, it may sound a little controversial. In the end it is also my intention to create ebooks and video tutorials as well and sell them.
The reason behind it is that personally it’s the best way for me to learn. And I can imagine there are thousands of others who do too. It kills time or bad weather in a creative way, and helps others to raise their skills in the end. Win win… I love that !
However, if you don’t do anything but reading and watching, and never go out practicing, you’re running in circles.
In the end, it’s practice, practice, practice… Photography educative material is great stuff, but is meant to be supplementary on getting out there in the field and creating art. Not as a surrogate…



Leonardo FabonicciThe most fundamental principal to becoming a successful photographer is the understanding and applying of creative composition, in order to be able to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. That in combination with the knowledge of how light works is key for success. Do some serious research about how composition works, and in doing so caress the eye of many. If you have never heard about Leonardo Fibonacci and the relation to ” The Golden Ratio “, look for it and become familiar with it. It goes far beyond the “rule of thirds” tmho. Especially when it comes down to landscape photography.
By using the golden ratio one can find the key to the mystery of this universe…



Many landscape photos reduce the attention of their subject.
They reach for greatness, but in the end they end up with Social Realism.Emotions
In a attempt to address the soul of the landscape, the soul rather evades the frame and leaves behind nothing but an empty shell of a lovely image. Absorbed, left behind and to be forgotten forever.
Of course not all landscape images suck. Many do have the power to invoke emotions ! Bliss, charm, cheer, liveliness, amusement, wonder… an expression of the embodiment of the creator. The secret is the same as for any other image out there. They have  significance. They unfold what not can be seen with the eye, move us, chisels… and they invite you to SEE, or speak to us in a hushed tone inviting us to look for what should have been seen, but we didn’t.
They get a hold of meaning the same way any other images out there acquires meaning. Enough ascertainable things are presented to pull us in, and show us a new aspect of some kind.
They do what only photography can do.



InspiredNo matter what your niche is in photography, the number one reason why your images turn out bad in the end is lack of inspiration at the moment you took the shot. Now, I don’t know how it works out with other photographers and their beloved photography niche, but when I’m in nature I get really really inspired. It takes a while before I get into the flow, but ones I can take out my mind, I start to see the endless possibilities.
Many people often ask me that it must have taken a long time to adjust for the composition, lightning etc…. but nothing could be further from the truth. It just happens ones I can become the landscape. Make sense ?
So basically, make sure that you are really trilled with your subject, and immerge yourself in it. Let it whisper to you and follow it’s guidance.
You’ll be surprised and happy what the results.

When you are inspired…dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be. —Patanjali






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“Flow”… what is that ?

Go with the flow“Flow”… what is that ?

Wayne Dyer, a man who was so loving, inspiring, wise, and epic left his body in his sleep at the age of 75 to go take care of whatever is next for him, ones stated that we contain out of more than 99% space (form”less”) and less then 1% “form”(matter).

Seems we in our Western culture concentrate most on that 1%…

He made the correlation as to buying a frozen meal and putting the wrapping into the oven and trowing the food into the garbage bin. Can you imagine how off we are into determine  ‘I’ ?

Not really a surprice ‘Flow’ is the exclusion instead of the rule.

We could call Dr. Dyer’s  form”less” state the ‘ Inner Self ‘.

When we are in FLOW, the Inner Self is having an non resisting outside experience.

So, what is the Inner Self ?

It certainly isn’t the mind. That’s where most of the people are… ‘ in their mind ‘.

The mind is a repository computer system where things ( memories from outside ) are kept for further reference. ( inside )

While FLOW is the involvement of the Inner Self, the mind does nothing but disturbing that FLOW.

When we are in FLOW, ‘ we are out of your mind ‘…

So, what is it that we feel or become, when we are in FLOW ? Is it the experience of being able to BE in a mindless state, in order that outer energies are being able to flow through us ( the Inner self ) ?

Meaning, being in a mindless state creates an expansion in us that enforces the FLOW to interact through us, so we can experience pleasure, bliss, thrill, and joy. The opposite happens when contraction happens in us ( Inner Self ). We become depressed.

Maybe this is a better way to grasp what is said.

It is the amount of expansion in our Inner Self that governs if we feel FLOW or contraction? (suffocation)

Through our perception we determine that ‘ space ‘ is something that is ‘ out ‘ there .

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Space is not an entity.

Space is an outlook or a standpoint if you will. It can’t be seen, it’s a way of seeing it.

We all had the experience feeling stuck or down. And when going for a walk in the park, did you hear what happened around you ? Did you notice the people around you ? Did you smell the green ? Did you hear the birds ? No ?

You know why ?

Because you ( the 99% ) were in a state of contraction !

David Hawkins created a scale called ‘ the scale of frequenties ‘.

Scale of frequenties


When you are feeling down, stressed, depressed… you are in a contracted state. Suffering…

Basically it boils down one is in a state of FEAR. (rings a bell as to what the news put you up with ?)

FLOW is in the regions of love, joy, peace…

It’s when we are open, expanded and a lot of space is available.

Our heart sings and creation happens effortlessly.

It is here that our Inner Self becomes naturally more space than matter.

Can you imagine this ? You being more space than matter ? Quite a paradigm shift isn’t it ?

Let’s get back to what Dr. Dyer has stated.

He used the analogy of putting the wrapping into the oven and trowing the food into the garbage bin right ?

THAT is what we do when we identify with the body. We identify the wrapping with  ‘ I ‘ !

The truth is that the more we behave like ‘ space ‘ and expand, the better we feel.

The opposite is equally true. The more we become body of matter, the more our energy is gummy, adhesive, viscous…and eventually we start suffering.


My two cents says that there is an interchange ‘ being ‘, ‘ space ‘, ‘ openness ‘… and likewise between ‘ matter ‘ and ‘ closedness ‘ …

To BE is to be in that space where things happen ( you, your body and all it’s functions and processes ). When we really ARE present, we ARE present to the present ( the now ). We ARE space, openness. From the moment our thinking process gets involved, we no longer are present.

Thinking moves us out of the ‘now’ and out of the FLOW. A typical feature of FLOW is that there is no thinking, there is only knowing, intuition, divination, inspiration, innate knowledge, guidance, sixth sense, clairvoyance, hunch, responsiveness, understanding, impartiality,acceptance, observance, innate knowledge…

There is only BEING.

In the ancient Greek culture, a new paradigm was fostered as ‘ know thyself ‘ and invited us to let go of limiting believes that we ARE the BODY.

In our Western culture it is advocated as God, the One, Master, Father, King of Kings, Holy Spirit, the Creator… Since we are all divine creatures and unique as an expression of the All, it’s impossible to exist out or without this equation.

So, we need to clear up things personally on how we perceive ourselves as ‘ fulfilled ‘ by an outside thing, or as an infinite potential being to be expanded.

Western society is dominated by the first outline. Fulfillment comes from the ‘ outside ‘.

Question remains to be asked… ” When are we going to become conscious that fulfillment is about our potential, an inside out process and existence is a creative undertaking ?

One of the all time messages by ancient masters has always been that life is lived from the inside out, that we are an expression of the Universe in time space.

All resources of the Universe are accessible, and yet we keep trying to hit the egg with a stick like a blind man.

We trow out the meal and cook the wrapping… and then surprisingly we are not satisfied with the resulting taste.

Ones you discover how you can BE the Universe expressing itself through you, as you, you no longer live a life in collision with the Universe or anything in it.


THEN you become the FLOW.

Isn’t that worth an exploration ?

The time space reality we now live in shows us that a there is a revolution at hand and that many humans worldwide are on a quest to find that Inner Self, and hopefully we’ll drop our limiting believes of who we really are !

Please, don’t be shy and share your story in the comments below about your experiences being in the ‘ FLOW ‘ ! I’m eager to hear them !

Or if you have a question, feel free to ask ! I’m happy to be of service !

You’ll probably ask yourself what all this has to do with photography ?

Next time I’ll share my experiences of the FLOW in the field while shooting. 😉

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Huge Photo Art Prints at clients home

Just recently I had the privilege to deliver several works at a clients home, after our successful joined project Okuparte . See also this link as a reference to the exhibition.
I can’t deny that I’m happy with the results . These peoples brand new home gave a nice spot for my chosen works. What can I say but being grateful and happy that people want my work in their life.


Here’s a view with the picture “Lost in Hay Stacks “in the living room. Dimension of the prints are 150cm x 100cm.

Interior flat


This work came into the bathroom. It is specially protected as to avoid water drops becoming stains. Waterproof you could say… 😉

Bathroom flat


This photograph is a stitched panorama of 3 separate shots. It fits nice in the upstairs hall way leading to the bathroom, sleeping rooms and office. Daylight coming from the upper light strip give a nice soft illumination on the print. Just perfect !



The image in the hall called “The Little House” welcomes you in the entrance hall of the residence. 🙂



If you are interested in prints, please feel free to contact me by mail at
Please also note that prints come in limited edition. Prints seen as examples here and measure 150cm x 100cm are limited to 5 examples of any image you find in the gallery.

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