Iceland Muse Photobook !

Iceland Muse PhonebookSince long creating a book was lumbering in my mind, but writing as we know as a typical book wasn’t really in my vision.
After all, photography means writing with light…

But things changed after I set out on my first photography trip to Iceland eagerly anticipating visiting the famous landmarks and natural features that I had seen so many photographs of. My aim was primarily to search for, and photograph, a lesser seen perspective on these wonderful features. This goal was soon put to one side, as I began to sense something different about this wonderful country.

It started to feel like Iceland was guiding me to where She wanted me to go. She became my muse. Guided by Iceland, I stopped searching for opportunities in well known areas, and began letting images find me; no matter where I happened to be.

This led to a natural evolution in the images that were created. I began to photograph areas that were off the beaten track, and found the importance of embracing simplicity. This journey with my muse changed not only my photography, but my outlook on life. The importance of simplicity in life as well as work became apparent, and rather than filling my life up with irrelvant things, I embraced simply being a part of nature.

That was enough for me. These moments I experienced while travelling through Iceland, I needed to share with you. To view these photographs is to look into my very soul and, I hope, by sharing these I can inspire people to follow their heart; to find their purpose in life and to live it.

“Ultimately, all we want is to make the world we inhabit a better place.”

By tuning into your purpose in life, you can. As you make your way through this book, you will notice this evolution. I aimed to make the evolution of my images in companionship with insightful texts, and my approach to work and life, apparent to the reader.

Iceland Muse

You can purchase the book here.

Thanks for your support, it’s highly appreciated !






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How to get the results you want

Many folks ask me how to get the results you see here in my portfolio, with Photomatix, Photoshop and the Luminosity Masking.

First of all, I am a fanatic in the KIS principle.



Bracketed shots from -2 to +2

I’m serious. It doesn’t have to be hard to get to the results you want. Only thing you need to do is understand “what” you are doing. Get your grips on how to use layers, channels and the tools in photoshop. There’s tons of free tuts on you tube that allow you to fully understand this software, and with simple tools and good basic understanding you can get pretty far believe me.

Another very cool and amazing tools are the LUMINOSITY MASKS from Tony Cuyper. He created a bunch of TK-aktions ( presets ) to create improved masking ( channels ) so you can create the images you envisioned.

They provide top degree control over creative image developing, and became the most important tool for me and many other Landscape photographers all over the Globe. They provide detailed visual instruction on the basic concepts and go on to show how quickly and creatively these methods can be applied when developing images in Photoshop.

Luminosity masking is a tool I already use for some years now, and took me a fair amount of time to fully grasp on how I could use it, to create a personal style.
A colleague photographer and former teacher has recently created an awesome series on what they are and how to use them. I always had problems learning out of a book. It is dull. Even when you study your favorite subject. Since I’m a very visual person, this was a God given present. After seeing the vids I learned so much more, and discovered how much I was missing.

Do yourself a favor and check Luminosity Masking out. In the end you will not regret it. And that’s promise. You can find the website with vids by clicking on the banner on the right.


So basically one of my workflows is to put my bracketed shots into photomatix to produce one image that contains ALL the necessary data to create my visioned image. And then work on it in Photoshop in combination with the Luminosity Masking. That’s it.

I’m aware that many other pro photographers pretend that it takes a lot of skill before you can get the results you see here, but I say that’s not true. It’s just marketing to get their stuff sold.



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Icelands Highland in DANGER !

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 14.57.23


Dear Icelandic nature lovers!
The Icelandic Highlands are in serious threat and need your care, LOVE, and attention.
After a government swap, Iceland’s highlands are threatened to be “utilized”.
The government and companies want paved roads with high-voltage power lines, and construction of at least four power plants and dams.
This would cut right through what today is considered one of the last great wildernesses in Europe.
If you care, please have a look at the “Heart of Iceland” project.
To support the demand that the Highlands – the heart of Iceland – should be spared the proposed construction.




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Soul Muse of Iceland

Last summer during May – June – July 2013, I traveled Iceland for 6 weeks with a camper. Drove +5000 km ( +3000 miles ), met countless nice openminded Icelandic people, saw one of the most beautiful places on this planet, was in constant awe while doing so. Had to overcome many technical issues, ate food I had never before, shot over 40.000 frames, edited +2,5 months on this project, but I’m happy with the result.
I especially want to thank my partner who dealt for 6 weeks with a nut photographer going wild…
Samaris for making such beautiful music.
Steinarr and Lars from for their outstanding service, kindness, and making this trip affordable and thus possible.
Ben and Liz from for their openess, honesty, support and patience in the Genie project.
Gunther from for his ongoing kind support and fantastic product !
and Michael Levy from for his fantastic map of Iceland. A must have if your going to travel Iceland.
Everything shot with Canon 5D Mark II, EF 16-35mm 1: 2,8 L USM, CPL, HD filters, and a DYI Igus slider with a DIY possibility to join.

Gosh I LOVE Iceland !

I need to go back asap…
BEST VIEWED IN FULL HD SCREEN !! —-> Cinema style ! 😉

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About the needle for the aperture

I would like to talk about the needle you have to use, to make the hole in the foil and eventually becomes your aperture.

With other words the opening where the light will come through during the extreme long exposure photography.

It is so, that if you shoot with a regular camera the opening of your lens at the time of exposure will define how much dept of field you will end up in the image after exposure.

Meaning that the wider your opening (smaller number on the lens) the less dept of field you will have.

The smaller your opening (bigger number on the lens), the more dept of field.

Dept of field means how much sharpness you will have towards the front and the back in the image.

With the opening in the foil it’s actually the same, with the difference that it is not so extreme as in a normal camera.

The ‘disadvantage’ here is that you don’t have a lens !

Meaning that the sharpness of the image here is going to be ‘relative’.

The image will never be as sharp as with a normal camera.

Although you have to bear in mind that the rule here counts equally.

That’s why I advice you to use an as tin as possible needle to make the opening in the foil. I use N° 11 whatever that may mean in knitting world… 😉

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Circus Picolini Timelapse

Circus PICOLINI comes to town !

On Sunday in coöperation with and Freinetschool deKring I had the opportunity to make a timelapse movie from a childrens circus tent that has been set up in town.

The reason why it was so special for me was that it was set up in the late afternoon, and that meant it was getting dark after a couple of hours.

I had to use and implement “The Holy Grail” in timelapse…

What that means is that in order to create a smooth transition from day to night or vice versa in the time lapse sequence I have to implement certain rules and handlings to make shure it is a fluent transition between day and night.

The estimated time the tent was going to be set up was 2 hours. Finally, it took more then 3 hours with about 9 people who where involved.

I shot nearly 2000 frames !

Let me tell you, this is hard work. Nothing but respect for these people from the circus !

All handlings and how to implement these “Holy Grail” rules and tricks you can find on the right side bar of this page. Just click the banners.

Gunther Wagner explains in full detail how to proceed with the workflow and how to handle the process.

If things are unclear to you, he helps you out in any way he can.

He’s a nice and passionate guy !

Enjoy the circus lapse !

Circus Picolini setting up tent from Luc Thibau Photography on Vimeo.

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Luminosity Masks

Luminosity Masks

Tony Kuypers ‘ Luminosity Masks ‘ tutorials and action sets are now available in a very comprehensive 5 hour jam packed information video series created by a very skilled photographer who has a twelve year career as a classroom teacher with a Love for sharing and teaching.

Seeing and hearing Sean teaching the techniques are highly effective and a fun learning tool.


Using Tony Kuypers Luminosity mask technique to create awesome results


I personally can quarantee that the method Sean uses is VERY EFFECTIVE and brought in a VERY CLEAR and UNDERSTANDABLE way.
Using Tony Kuypers luminosity masks already for some year, I already have learned a ton extra on how to use the luminosity masking technique more effective.
These video series are a long awated companion to Tony Kuyper’s Luminosity Masks tuts and action sets.
They provide top degree control over creative image developing, and became the most important tool for me and many other Landscape photographer all over the Globe.

I really truly believe that these tutorials series are the best in the field concerning Luminosity masks. There is just NO other source that is better. ( if there is any… )

Whether you are a complete novice to Luminosity Masks or are already using them for some time in your workflow, the concept is broken down in very concise and progressive topics that guide you through the process with crisp clear descriptions and demos.

As extra’s to Luminosity Masking, Sean’s series provides also instructions on how to use Tony’s actions, like Triple Play, Saturation Painting, Cloud Sharpening, Color Cloning, Web Sharpening and Make-It-Glow.

The vids are based on Photoshop CS6, but they also work on previous versions of Photoshop CS. The series is provided via a secure web download.

I only share info that I personally believe in, and WILL help your photography to the next level !

Tony Kuypers Luminosity Masking technique IS the way to go to create and master the photos you always dreamed of.

Have fun with the videos and start creating those magical photos ! Whoohoo !

Cheers !

Here’s the link to Sean’s website


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The Genie












The “Genie” from the New Zealand Company Syrp has finally arrived !

After 6 months of waiting, and Kickstarting the Genie I can now start making the timelapse movies I always wanted to make.

The ease of use of the Genie is off the charts.

In the menu there are already some preset features so you actually can start shooting right away.

No effort is spared by the developers Chris Thomson ( Designer ) and Ben Ryan ( photographer ) to make sure this state of the art piece of equipment is user ready ones the Genie has arrived and is unpacked.

Just push the on button, set one of your favourite presets like clouds, people, stars, mount the Genie on yr tripod and or rail device and start making your time lapse.

Simpler is not possible in this range of photography.

Ain’t that awesome !?

If you ever think about making time lapse movies, there’s no doubt that The Genie from the New Zealand company Syrp should be your first choice. It doesn’t get any better !


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Preserving the negative

I would like to share a remarkable discovery about preserving the Solargraphy Negative.

To my current knowledge, so far there was no way to preserve the negative for the future. The traditional way of ‘fixing’  a negative is done with a ‘fixer’. Meaning that the negative is preserved for the future, and for further use of enlarging a print.

Since you don’t run the b/w paper, that is used for a Sun Photograph, through any chemicals, it may come as a surprise to you, that so far there has not really been found a way of preserving the paper ‘negative’. If you are familiar with darkroom technique you’re aware that if you put the photographic b/w paper in a developer first, (but in this case we can not do so) because it would become completely black, due to the extreme long exposure photography.

Obvious we skip this part of the process…:-)

After some experimenting I seem to have discovered a way to be able to do so.

The next step is the stop bath ( you can use diluted ordinary table vinegar ).

We need to put the negative in this solution first, to stop the process of being exposed and influenced further by light.

Let is sit for about a minute or so.

Next we need a fixer ( this one you need to buy in yr local photo store ).

This solution makes sure that all influences stop from changing the negative.

Let it sit for about 3 minutes in the solution, and then rinse it for 5 minutes in clear water.

Dry after rinsing.

Although the negative seems to preserve now ( have no long term experience so far ) I would advice to keep the negative in a dark space, even after this treatment.

This way you make sure it is preserved under the best conditions.

I think this is a cool discovery !

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How does a solar negative look

How does a solarnegative look

Here you can see how a Solar Negative looks when it comes right out of the canister.

Notice all the detail in this image.

On the sides of the image you can clearly notice, that it has been violated with water.

This risk, which is part of the process, can enhance it’s uniqueness and beauty.

Without the effects of the weather elements it would not be the same.

This goes beyond imagination, it gives tremendous added value to the image.












The Suikerui in AntwerpThis is the final result after the image has been altered with Photoshop. Notice that the image has been flipped horizontally, to make sure it fits reality.























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