Born In Antwerp

I love challenges, and excepted my friends  ( Carolina Tafalla ) request to shoot a short movie on her art guerrilla ” It’s a trap” Born in Antwerp event. I got a blanco check, and was free to do what I pleased. So I let myself go under the balls…

Feature shot with a GoPro 3 and edited in Final Cut Pro. Music ( Thank you for the free 7 day trial ! )

Cinematography and editing is your truly. Check it out !

is a dynamic installation that disrupts the running day-to-day activities of the location where it is hosted.
16,000 colored balls kicked off this site project that rolls from location to location asking the accidental or active participation of the residents and visitors to the site.
IT’S A TRAP visits Born in Antwerp !
Keep rolling with this ” art guerrilla “, and make these balls rock & roll: take pictures, make videos, sketches, write, draw on/about them, play along and decide their destiny.
Patriciapate via instagram, facebook, twitter, ‪#‎borninantwerp‬ #‎trapguerrilla‬ ‪#‎keeprolling‬ #‎dontgrowup‬
IT’S A TRAP is an original project by

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