Circus Picolini Timelapse

Circus PICOLINI comes to town !

On Sunday in coöperation with and Freinetschool deKring I had the opportunity to make a timelapse movie from a childrens circus tent that has been set up in town.

The reason why it was so special for me was that it was set up in the late afternoon, and that meant it was getting dark after a couple of hours.

I had to use and implement “The Holy Grail” in timelapse…

What that means is that in order to create a smooth transition from day to night or vice versa in the time lapse sequence I have to implement certain rules and handlings to make shure it is a fluent transition between day and night.

The estimated time the tent was going to be set up was 2 hours. Finally, it took more then 3 hours with about 9 people who where involved.

I shot nearly 2000 frames !

Let me tell you, this is hard work. Nothing but respect for these people from the circus !

All handlings and how to implement these “Holy Grail” rules and tricks you can find on the right side bar of this page. Just click the banners.

Gunther Wagner explains in full detail how to proceed with the workflow and how to handle the process.

If things are unclear to you, he helps you out in any way he can.

He’s a nice and passionate guy !

Enjoy the circus lapse !

Circus Picolini setting up tent from Luc Thibau Photography on Vimeo.

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