“Flow”… what is that ?

Go with the flow“Flow”… what is that ?

Wayne Dyer, a man who was so loving, inspiring, wise, and epic left his body in his sleep at the age of 75 to go take care of whatever is next for him, ones stated that we contain out of more than 99% space (form”less”) and less then 1% “form”(matter).

Seems we in our Western culture concentrate most on that 1%…

He made the correlation as to buying a frozen meal and putting the wrapping into the oven and trowing the food into the garbage bin. Can you imagine how off we are into determine  ‘I’ ?

Not really a surprice ‘Flow’ is the exclusion instead of the rule.

We could call Dr. Dyer’s  form”less” state the ‘ Inner Self ‘.

When we are in FLOW, the Inner Self is having an non resisting outside experience.

So, what is the Inner Self ?

It certainly isn’t the mind. That’s where most of the people are… ‘ in their mind ‘.

The mind is a repository computer system where things ( memories from outside ) are kept for further reference. ( inside )

While FLOW is the involvement of the Inner Self, the mind does nothing but disturbing that FLOW.

When we are in FLOW, ‘ we are out of your mind ‘…

So, what is it that we feel or become, when we are in FLOW ? Is it the experience of being able to BE in a mindless state, in order that outer energies are being able to flow through us ( the Inner self ) ?

Meaning, being in a mindless state creates an expansion in us that enforces the FLOW to interact through us, so we can experience pleasure, bliss, thrill, and joy. The opposite happens when contraction happens in us ( Inner Self ). We become depressed.

Maybe this is a better way to grasp what is said.

It is the amount of expansion in our Inner Self that governs if we feel FLOW or contraction? (suffocation)

Through our perception we determine that ‘ space ‘ is something that is ‘ out ‘ there .

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Space is not an entity.

Space is an outlook or a standpoint if you will. It can’t be seen, it’s a way of seeing it.

We all had the experience feeling stuck or down. And when going for a walk in the park, did you hear what happened around you ? Did you notice the people around you ? Did you smell the green ? Did you hear the birds ? No ?

You know why ?

Because you ( the 99% ) were in a state of contraction !

David Hawkins created a scale called ‘ the scale of frequenties ‘.

Scale of frequenties


When you are feeling down, stressed, depressed… you are in a contracted state. Suffering…

Basically it boils down one is in a state of FEAR. (rings a bell as to what the news put you up with ?)

FLOW is in the regions of love, joy, peace…

It’s when we are open, expanded and a lot of space is available.

Our heart sings and creation happens effortlessly.

It is here that our Inner Self becomes naturally more space than matter.

Can you imagine this ? You being more space than matter ? Quite a paradigm shift isn’t it ?

Let’s get back to what Dr. Dyer has stated.

He used the analogy of putting the wrapping into the oven and trowing the food into the garbage bin right ?

THAT is what we do when we identify with the body. We identify the wrapping with  ‘ I ‘ !

The truth is that the more we behave like ‘ space ‘ and expand, the better we feel.

The opposite is equally true. The more we become body of matter, the more our energy is gummy, adhesive, viscous…and eventually we start suffering.


My two cents says that there is an interchange ‘ being ‘, ‘ space ‘, ‘ openness ‘… and likewise between ‘ matter ‘ and ‘ closedness ‘ …

To BE is to be in that space where things happen ( you, your body and all it’s functions and processes ). When we really ARE present, we ARE present to the present ( the now ). We ARE space, openness. From the moment our thinking process gets involved, we no longer are present.

Thinking moves us out of the ‘now’ and out of the FLOW. A typical feature of FLOW is that there is no thinking, there is only knowing, intuition, divination, inspiration, innate knowledge, guidance, sixth sense, clairvoyance, hunch, responsiveness, understanding, impartiality,acceptance, observance, innate knowledge…

There is only BEING.

In the ancient Greek culture, a new paradigm was fostered as ‘ know thyself ‘ and invited us to let go of limiting believes that we ARE the BODY.

In our Western culture it is advocated as God, the One, Master, Father, King of Kings, Holy Spirit, the Creator… Since we are all divine creatures and unique as an expression of the All, it’s impossible to exist out or without this equation.

So, we need to clear up things personally on how we perceive ourselves as ‘ fulfilled ‘ by an outside thing, or as an infinite potential being to be expanded.

Western society is dominated by the first outline. Fulfillment comes from the ‘ outside ‘.

Question remains to be asked… ” When are we going to become conscious that fulfillment is about our potential, an inside out process and existence is a creative undertaking ?

One of the all time messages by ancient masters has always been that life is lived from the inside out, that we are an expression of the Universe in time space.

All resources of the Universe are accessible, and yet we keep trying to hit the egg with a stick like a blind man.

We trow out the meal and cook the wrapping… and then surprisingly we are not satisfied with the resulting taste.

Ones you discover how you can BE the Universe expressing itself through you, as you, you no longer live a life in collision with the Universe or anything in it.


THEN you become the FLOW.

Isn’t that worth an exploration ?

The time space reality we now live in shows us that a there is a revolution at hand and that many humans worldwide are on a quest to find that Inner Self, and hopefully we’ll drop our limiting believes of who we really are !

Please, don’t be shy and share your story in the comments below about your experiences being in the ‘ FLOW ‘ ! I’m eager to hear them !

Or if you have a question, feel free to ask ! I’m happy to be of service !

You’ll probably ask yourself what all this has to do with photography ?

Next time I’ll share my experiences of the FLOW in the field while shooting. 😉

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  1. Nancy Dempsey October 17, 2015 at 15:52 #

    Really enjoyed this Luc excellent. I experienced it once however I need to be able to maintain it.

    • Luc October 19, 2015 at 11:57 #

      Thank you for sharing your experience Nancy ! One you’ve experienced it, it should be easy to “Allow” it back in ! Or should I say ” Through “… 😉

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