How to suck at photography

I’l give you 5 reasons… 😉

5 reasons










It’s sickening to realize how our society has become today. Due to some loony philosophy, for some reason we’ve moved into a culture where as failure can no longer be an option. How can success be an option if one doesn’t have the right to fail? Aren’t these two related ? You probably heard about Edison’s story right ? How many times did he fail before he succeeded in making the light bulb ?
Edison’s quote : “I didn’t fail a 1000 times. The making of the light bulb was an invention that took a 1000 steps”.
Great success is build on failure, frustration, sometimes even on fiasco.

Ok, fair enough. It’s not in most peoples wanting list to fail, but the way our society’s success recipe is served today to us, you’ll be so afraid of failure that you won’t have the bravery to put yourself out there and take the necessary risks to become successful. The internet and all the social media have a great part in setting this absurd mindset as a standard. Of course our failures are much more into the open due to the fact our work and business are on the net.

I too failed many times. Last year I was planning to set up an Iceland tour in combination with workshops, but due to several personal conditions and ( family ) circumstances, I wasn’t able to pull it off that time. But I’m working hard behind the scenes to launch it again. I’m just waiting for the right timing now, and won’t be afraid to fail again. ( even multiple times ) After all failure is an opportunity to grow and learn.



LearningOk, it may sound a little controversial. In the end it is also my intention to create ebooks and video tutorials as well and sell them.
The reason behind it is that personally it’s the best way for me to learn. And I can imagine there are thousands of others who do too. It kills time or bad weather in a creative way, and helps others to raise their skills in the end. Win win… I love that !
However, if you don’t do anything but reading and watching, and never go out practicing, you’re running in circles.
In the end, it’s practice, practice, practice… Photography educative material is great stuff, but is meant to be supplementary on getting out there in the field and creating art. Not as a surrogate…



Leonardo FabonicciThe most fundamental principal to becoming a successful photographer is the understanding and applying of creative composition, in order to be able to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. That in combination with the knowledge of how light works is key for success. Do some serious research about how composition works, and in doing so caress the eye of many. If you have never heard about Leonardo Fibonacci and the relation to ” The Golden Ratio “, look for it and become familiar with it. It goes far beyond the “rule of thirds” tmho. Especially when it comes down to landscape photography.
By using the golden ratio one can find the key to the mystery of this universe…



Many landscape photos reduce the attention of their subject.
They reach for greatness, but in the end they end up with Social Realism.Emotions
In a attempt to address the soul of the landscape, the soul rather evades the frame and leaves behind nothing but an empty shell of a lovely image. Absorbed, left behind and to be forgotten forever.
Of course not all landscape images suck. Many do have the power to invoke emotions ! Bliss, charm, cheer, liveliness, amusement, wonder… an expression of the embodiment of the creator. The secret is the same as for any other image out there. They have  significance. They unfold what not can be seen with the eye, move us, chisels… and they invite you to SEE, or speak to us in a hushed tone inviting us to look for what should have been seen, but we didn’t.
They get a hold of meaning the same way any other images out there acquires meaning. Enough ascertainable things are presented to pull us in, and show us a new aspect of some kind.
They do what only photography can do.



InspiredNo matter what your niche is in photography, the number one reason why your images turn out bad in the end is lack of inspiration at the moment you took the shot. Now, I don’t know how it works out with other photographers and their beloved photography niche, but when I’m in nature I get really really inspired. It takes a while before I get into the flow, but ones I can take out my mind, I start to see the endless possibilities.
Many people often ask me that it must have taken a long time to adjust for the composition, lightning etc…. but nothing could be further from the truth. It just happens ones I can become the landscape. Make sense ?
So basically, make sure that you are really trilled with your subject, and immerge yourself in it. Let it whisper to you and follow it’s guidance.
You’ll be surprised and happy what the results.

When you are inspired…dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be. —Patanjali






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