Huge Photo Art Prints at clients home

Just recently I had the privilege to deliver several works at a clients home, after our successful joined project Okuparte . See also this link as a reference to the exhibition.
I can’t deny that I’m happy with the results . These peoples brand new home gave a nice spot for my chosen works. What can I say but being grateful and happy that people want my work in their life.


Here’s a view with the picture “Lost in Hay Stacks “in the living room. Dimension of the prints are 150cm x 100cm.

Interior flat


This work came into the bathroom. It is specially protected as to avoid water drops becoming stains. Waterproof you could say… 😉

Bathroom flat


This photograph is a stitched panorama of 3 separate shots. It fits nice in the upstairs hall way leading to the bathroom, sleeping rooms and office. Daylight coming from the upper light strip give a nice soft illumination on the print. Just perfect !



The image in the hall called “The Little House” welcomes you in the entrance hall of the residence. 🙂



If you are interested in prints, please feel free to contact me by mail at
Please also note that prints come in limited edition. Prints seen as examples here and measure 150cm x 100cm are limited to 5 examples of any image you find in the gallery.

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