Iceland Muse Photobook !

Iceland Muse PhonebookSince long creating a book was lumbering in my mind, but writing as we know as a typical book wasn’t really in my vision.
After all, photography means writing with light…

But things changed after I set out on my first photography trip to Iceland eagerly anticipating visiting the famous landmarks and natural features that I had seen so many photographs of. My aim was primarily to search for, and photograph, a lesser seen perspective on these wonderful features. This goal was soon put to one side, as I began to sense something different about this wonderful country.

It started to feel like Iceland was guiding me to where She wanted me to go. She became my muse. Guided by Iceland, I stopped searching for opportunities in well known areas, and began letting images find me; no matter where I happened to be.

This led to a natural evolution in the images that were created. I began to photograph areas that were off the beaten track, and found the importance of embracing simplicity. This journey with my muse changed not only my photography, but my outlook on life. The importance of simplicity in life as well as work became apparent, and rather than filling my life up with irrelvant things, I embraced simply being a part of nature.

That was enough for me. These moments I experienced while travelling through Iceland, I needed to share with you. To view these photographs is to look into my very soul and, I hope, by sharing these I can inspire people to follow their heart; to find their purpose in life and to live it.

“Ultimately, all we want is to make the world we inhabit a better place.”

By tuning into your purpose in life, you can. As you make your way through this book, you will notice this evolution. I aimed to make the evolution of my images in companionship with insightful texts, and my approach to work and life, apparent to the reader.

Iceland Muse

You can purchase the book here.

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  1. Nancy Dempsey March 1, 2015 at 22:19 #

    Iceland Muse is not a book full of pictures. Iceland Muse is a book of photographs that draws you in. You will see stunning landscapes as Luc takes you on this unforgettable journey. You can hear the waterfalls, feel the landscape beneath your feet and smell the fragrance of flowers. Luc has done what many photographers can only hope to do and that is and I quote “Celebrate what is right in the world with every photograph I take”
    Luc, this book is brilliant!

    • Luc March 1, 2015 at 22:36 #

      Thank you so much dear Nancy for your kind comment. I’m truly honored and touched by your words, and deeply moved that my work indeed has drawn you in my journey as I’d hoped. Enjoy it forever! Hugs! x

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