About the prints

After a long search for the best of the best paper to print on I have chosen

Bariet Museo Silver Rag

Semi -Gloss finish
100% coton
Internally buffered
No optical brighteners
pH: 7.9-8.5
weight: 300gr
thichkness: 0.015” (380Mu)
brightness: 90

Museo Silver Rag paper:
Fine Art paper that delivers extraordinary depth and detail together with

the semi gloss finish of traditional fiber-based photo paper.
This paper is used for fine art photography black and white as well as color.
No use to expain everything cause you can find all about it on the following link.

www.MuseoFine Art.com

The prints are made on one of the most performing printers for Photography and Fine Art.
The imagePrograf iP 9000 incorporates Canon’s Lucia 12-colour pigment ink system and with the
twin print-head which gives jaw-dropping reproduction of 2400x1200dpi, a 4pl droplet size and
total of 30.720 nozzles. Additional red, green and blue ink, deliver one of the widest colour gamut in its class ;
gray and photo grey ensure smooth gradation, reduced granularity and high colour accuracy

and consistency; whilst the Canon Pigment ink ensures the print to be 120 years light fast.