Luminosity Masks

Luminosity Masks

Tony Kuypers ‘ Luminosity Masks ‘ tutorials and action sets are now available in a very comprehensive 5 hour jam packed information video series created by a very skilled photographer who has a twelve year career as a classroom teacher with a Love for sharing and teaching.

Seeing and hearing Sean teaching the techniques are highly effective and a fun learning tool.


Using Tony Kuypers Luminosity mask technique to create awesome results


I personally can quarantee that the method Sean uses is VERY EFFECTIVE and brought in a VERY CLEAR and UNDERSTANDABLE way.
Using Tony Kuypers luminosity masks already for some year, I already have learned a ton extra on how to use the luminosity masking technique more effective.
These video series are a long awated companion to Tony Kuyper’s Luminosity Masks tuts and action sets.
They provide top degree control over creative image developing, and became the most important tool for me and many other Landscape photographer all over the Globe.

I really truly believe that these tutorials series are the best in the field concerning Luminosity masks. There is just NO other source that is better. ( if there is any… )

Whether you are a complete novice to Luminosity Masks or are already using them for some time in your workflow, the concept is broken down in very concise and progressive topics that guide you through the process with crisp clear descriptions and demos.

As extra’s to Luminosity Masking, Sean’s series provides also instructions on how to use Tony’s actions, like Triple Play, Saturation Painting, Cloud Sharpening, Color Cloning, Web Sharpening and Make-It-Glow.

The vids are based on Photoshop CS6, but they also work on previous versions of Photoshop CS. The series is provided via a secure web download.

I only share info that I personally believe in, and WILL help your photography to the next level !

Tony Kuypers Luminosity Masking technique IS the way to go to create and master the photos you always dreamed of.

Have fun with the videos and start creating those magical photos ! Whoohoo !

Cheers !

Here’s the link to Sean’s website


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