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What is Solargraphy




is an extraordinary and easy photographic method to catch the path of the Sun onto a piece of black & white photographic paper or any other light sensitive material, by use of extreme long exposure.
Any 35mm black film canister, tin or black box can be used as a pinhole camera which in turn, when prepared correctly, will provide pinhole exposure images.
My favorite model is a 35mm plastic black film canister, because it’s ready to use, needs hardly any work, and is free available at your local photo development store.
Advantage also is that you save the environment from plastic waste !
Surprisingly so, no photographic chemical agent or process is used to develop the black and white sensitive material to make the image visible.
The Path of the Sun and the surrounding landscape is directly ‘burned’ on the b/w photographic paper, and is ‘fixed’ by use of a computer, and a scanner in combination with an imaging process software.
The most remarkable thing about this method, is the fact that although a piece of black and white photographic paper is used as light sensitive material inside the pinhole camera, the outcome is a color image.
Ones the canister is tightly placed, the exposure times can run from 1 day to 6 months !
Because of this, you could also call it Long Exposure Photography. The longer you expose the black and white paper to the sun, the more each path of the sun will be visible.

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