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Preserving the negative

I would like to share a remarkable discovery about preserving the Solargraphy Negative.

To my current knowledge, so far there was no way to preserve the negative for the future. The traditional way of ‘fixing’  a negative is done with a ‘fixer’. Meaning that the negative is preserved for the future, and for further use of enlarging a print.

Since you don’t run the b/w paper, that is used for a Sun Photograph, through any chemicals, it may come as a surprise to you, that so far there has not really been found a way of preserving the paper ‘negative’. If you are familiar with darkroom technique you’re aware that if you put the photographic b/w paper in a developer first, (but in this case we can not do so) because it would become completely black, due to the extreme long exposure photography.

Obvious we skip this part of the process…:-)

After some experimenting I seem to have discovered a way to be able to do so.

The next step is the stop bath ( you can use diluted ordinary table vinegar ).

We need to put the negative in this solution first, to stop the process of being exposed and influenced further by light.

Let is sit for about a minute or so.

Next we need a fixer ( this one you need to buy in yr local photo store ).

This solution makes sure that all influences stop from changing the negative.

Let it sit for about 3 minutes in the solution, and then rinse it for 5 minutes in clear water.

Dry after rinsing.

Although the negative seems to preserve now ( have no long term experience so far ) I would advice to keep the negative in a dark space, even after this treatment.

This way you make sure it is preserved under the best conditions.

I think this is a cool discovery !

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