Who Invented The Camera Obscura

The question ‘who invented the camera obscura’ got me busy lately and after some thorough investigation I found out that actually nobody seemed to have invented the Camera Obscura.

It would not be a crazy idea to imagine that our ancestors ( homo erect us or cavemen ) must have noticed the external landscapes appearing upside down on the wall of their cave-homes, but presumably didn’t have a clue what caused this phenomena as a wall paper…

When becoming aware that this is actually a naturally occurring thing since the beginning of light, we can start to see how a camera is based to work on this principals.

So asking who invented the camera obscura is a bit of an ought question no ?

You might as well ask who invented the light….

Over the ages a lot of people have made a contribution in many ways to the Camera Obscura and pinhole concept as we know it today, but the principal about the underlying optical laws that are part of nature are the fundamentals where it all is based on.

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